Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Rescued Comment

Jon from Rhode Island Law Journal has turned off comments on his blog for the time being and has deleted or at least made invisible comments that were previously posted. That's his prerogative, of course, as it's his blog. But given this, I wanted to rescue (to the best of my memory) a comment that I recently made on one of his recent posts. Jon noted that the ProJo's Achorn claimed that Rhode Island has “many clueless voters, utterly ignorant of the candidates and the issues.” I responded something along the lines of, "If he really believes that RI voters are utterly ignorant of the candidates and the issues, he should blame his own newspaper for giving such short shrift to down-ticket races. Particularly impressive was the coverage of General Assembly races in Providence/North Providence: a single article covering nineteen races. Wow, that's helpful."

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Jon said...

My apologies for deleting your comment. I had some technical difficulty and in trying to turn off comments and delete all of the spam I accidentally deleted all of the comments I ever had. Oops. At least there weren't too many!