Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Got Spellcheck?

My guess is that whoever is currently writing the headlines for the ProJo does not use Spellcheck on them. Perhaps they don't think it makes sense to use it because many proper names appear in the headlines, so it would just slow things down to use it. But...maybe it's because Mercury is retrograde, or perhaps the usual headline writer is on vacation or something. But whatever the reason, there is an inordinate number of typos in the headlines of Wednesday's ProJo, at least the web version. I suspect they may correct some of them in at least some of the print editions. But for now, we read:

Having collected these, I realize that they are all from either the letters section (which has lately been notoriously bad about typos in headlines) or from the various local sections that are not distributed statewide except on the web. So perhaps a different person is responsible for writing those headlines. But no matter what, sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.


NMVK said...

Whomever, not whoever. Got grammar-check? Good point, however; the BloJo has some serious spelling issues.

Dub said...

I've always had trouble with "whoever" versus "whomever," as it seems that many people do. My thinking was that the correct usage here was "whoever" since it was the subject of the clause, "whoever is writing." I'll freely admit that I could be wrong, but the point is that I don't get paid to write, and they do.

NMVK said...

" ... but the point is that I don't get paid to write, and they do."