Wednesday, July 05, 2006

He said what?

Looks like the Boston press corps actually does their job, unlike the Washington press corps. I enjoyed reading about how Romney squirmed in response to press questions at an event he staged in support of a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriages. The whole thing is worth reading, but check out this excerpt:

“I believe the ideal setting for raising a child is where there’s a mother and a father, and the development of a child is enhanced by having the attributes of a male and a female part of their parents. . .”

"A male and a female part"? Really, that's kind of dirty, if you think about it. Why are some heterosexuals so obsessed with sex? And why won't they let my bowling teammate and her wife live their lives in peace? (Of course I don't mean all of you, and probably not even a majority of you in Massachusetts. We're still working on it in RI, though.)

On edit: oh yeah, I forgot about this picture of Romney, from around the time he declared that he could decide whether same-sex couples from Rhode Island could marry in Massachusetts:

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