Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lose Chafee

The Lincoln Chafee re-election campaign has signs and stickers around with the slogan "Keep Chafee." What a lot of people don't realize is that it's a throwback to one of his father's previous campaigns. I don't have a link, but when he was running six years ago, he mentioned in a news story that some (mostly elderly) people came up to him and gave him old buttons from his father's campaign with that slogan on it. So it's somewhat clever for him to be using the same slogan this time around. I don't necessarily think that any voters around here have forgotten that his father is dead (unlike in Knoxville, where I'm not sure if voters realize that Rep. John Duncan Sr. died something like 18 years ago, and his son Jr. is in the seat now.) But it reminds some people of the goodwill that his father earned (and that he himself, in my opinion, has not.)

Anyway, the signs and stickers are becoming more numerous (in Warwick, even ubiquitous) as the primary approaches. At the same time, some people on both ends of the political spectrum are sick of him. So, on a comment thread on the RI's Future blog, someone suggested that someone needed to make a "Dump Chafee" sticker. Another person rose to the challenge although changed the slogan a bit. So now those who are interested can buy "Lose Chafee" stickers. I am not affiliated with (and don't even know) the person selling them, and I probably won't buy one myself, but I am impressed with his taking the initiative. It's amazing what can be done in the age of the Internet.

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NMVK said...

"Down for Maintenance"? Aww.