Sunday, August 13, 2006

The next best thing in this day and age

Someone noticed one of those "sleds" in their neighborhood, you know, those things that tell you how fast you're going to shame you into actually following the speed limit. And someone thought, wow, it would be a funny bit of political theatre to cover up the "Your Speed" with something else. Someone figured it would be easy to do -- just take measurements and get some posterboard and put the doctored sign on top of the regular one. But then, someone thought it might be a bad idea. First off, there's a legitimate safety issue, namely that people might be distracted by it from laughing or from being confused. And so the local police might not like that and might come after someone. But moreover, someone worried that maybe an even bigger deal of it might be made given the particular message, and that a federal case might be made of it, and someone might be in an even bigger amount of trouble. Someone adores the Freeway Blogger and is pleased to see locals following that person's lead, but someone is worried that authorities might not take as kindly to temporarily altering a sled. So, someone had to settle for the next best thing in this day and age, a photo edited to put in the message that someone wished were on the sled. Knowing of someone's plight, I took pity on someone and am publishing the edited picture here. (Apologies for any formatting oddities it causes. Someone is an amateur at editing photos.)

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