Friday, April 13, 2007

For once, Cheney told the truth, but...

...but the "moderate" Senate Republicans didn't tell us--until now. This gem from an article in former senator Lincoln Chafee's hometown paper, the Warwick Beacon:
Chafee is troubled by Rice’s message “to do whatever it takes” to get what you want. And he said that is what turned him off from President George W. Bush. He recalled how shortly after Bush’s win in 2000, he and other liberal Republicans had been invited for lunch with Vice President Richard Cheney. Chafee had seen Bush as one who would unite, not divide, the country.

Cheney made it clear that wasn’t going to happen.

“We’re not going to do anything we said,” Chafee said, quoting Cheney.

“That kind of set the stage for my relationship with the president after that,” Chafee added.

Of course it is obvious to anyone with the least bit of awareness that BushCheneyCo did not do anything that they had promised in campaign 2000. But the fact that Cheney actually told this group of senators that they had no intention of doing anything they had promised....well, isn't that interesting? Might things have been different if any of them had told the press at the time that he had said that? We'll never know, thanks to Chafee's party loyalty. Thanks, Linc. Hope you never run for anything again.


Brian Hull said...

Son of a bitch! That's really infuriating.

A. said...

May Linc walk around forever, with a horses foot between his legs !!